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Gaining the Tube Fitting Advantage

For 65 years, having Swagelok tube fittings means having the Tube Fitting Advantage

Sometimes you hear a term so often you forget about the meaning behind it. Take the term “tube fitting”, for instance. Tube fitting is a general term used to describe categories of components whose purpose is to create a leak-tight connection between a piece of tubing to one or more additional pieces of tubing or other end connections in a fluid system.

The famous Swagelok two ferrule mechanical-grip tube fitting was introduced 65 years ago, and has been the standard ever since.

System leakage most often occurs at the connections in a system, where fittings under stress can fail. Reliable fittings, then, are crucial. We acknowledge there is no such thing as a fitting connection that is 100 percent leak-proof under every possible condition. But some designs are inherently better than others.

Simple compression fittings, for instance, can’t handle much pressure or vibration. Flare fittings can handle higher pressures, but require special flaring tools to prepare the tube. Because of these limitations, Swagelok developed the two ferrule mechanical grip fitting in 1947.

Swagelok’s patented back-ferrule geometry creates a fitting that performs remarkably well in three key areas:

  • Tube grip for pressure containment
  • Gas seal for leak tight performance
  • Vibration resistance for protection from outside forces

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